Smart Wise Financial Holding Limited is a Hong Kong based financial company with an asset management arm and a proprietary trading platform.

What we do

Proprietary Trading

We employ in-house brewed trading strategies to profit from market inefficiencies. We also continuously research for new strategies to ensure we have a diversified revenue portfolio. By using an in-house trading system, we are able to build highly customized strategies having our imagination as the limit.

Market Experts

Our main strength lies on volatility trading and ETF, but we regularly trade Stocks, Futures, Options, Currency and other financial products. Backed by high frequency computer technology we cover and take advantage of opportunities in most Asian markets while working to expand to other markets globally.


Our subsidiary Smart Wise Advisors Limited holds a SFC type 9 license in Hong Kong. We aim to provide all-rounded asset management services to investors. With our extensive expertise in quantitative trading, we have developed trading strategies that covers the global markets and across different asset classes. We believe we can offer the best asset management solutions to our clients.